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Can I participate in the EU Business Hub programme if I participated in the EU Gateway/ EU Business Avenues programme already?

Yes. Companies, including those having participated to previous editions of the EU Gateway /EU Business venues programme, are allowed to participate to a maximum of three business missions within the framework of the EU Business Hub programme.  

Can I participate in the programme if my company has already internationalised to Japan and Korea and has representative offices in those countries/ if I already do business there?

Yes. The eligibility criteria does not exclude companies that are already internationalised in both target markets. 

Are the three priority sectors of the programme, namely digital solutions, green and low-carbon technologies, and healthcare and medical equipment covered in both countries?

Business missions taking place in Japan will cover the two sectors of digital solutions and green and low-carbon technologies. 

Business missions in the Republic of Korea will cover the three sectors of digital solutions, green and low-carbon technologies, and healthcare and medical equipment. 

How many business missions can companies participate in?

SMEs and startups have the possibility to participate to a maximum of three business missions distributed across both target countries, meaning that they will be allowed to participate to a maximum of two business missions in the same country. 

How can the programme assist companies in their internationalisation strategy and prepare them before embarking a business mission?

The programme provides strategic coaching to make sure participants are well prepared before the start of their business mission. The coaching programme encompasses pre-departure preparation through coaching sessions on market opportunities, local business culture, sector briefs. Companies will also receive tailored guidance and market insights that will equip them with the necessary knowledge to embark on their business mission. This includes preparing a tailored company & business profile that defines the products/services the company focuses on as part of their international strategy and the kinds of business partners they are looking for. A well-defined company & business profile is the basis for the matchmaking efforts of the EU Business Hub on behalf of each participant ahead of the business mission week as well as targeted promotion in the target market. 

Does the programme provide any financial support?

The EU Business Hub offers companies a cost-effective way to explore the Japanese and Korean markets. Participating companies will benefit from shared resources and collective activities specifically designed for each Business Mission. Additionally, the programme will cover accommodation costs with a maximum EU contribution of EUR 1.000,-per company (4-night stay, one room per company). In addition, the programme will co-finance 80% of (optional) customised services with a maximum EU contribution of EUR 1000,- per company. 

What kind of logistical support does the programme provide?

Companies will benefit from logistical support and assistance before, during, and after their business mission. This includes the booking of hotel accommodation, the creation of a business mission catalogue and digital promotional material, the organisation of tours, site visits and individual business meetings, assistance in shipping, and other services in line with the customised services catalogue.

During the business mission week, the team will provide companies with a tailored agenda and assist them with the installation of an exhibition booth, design and on-site interpretation, and other logistical support companies may need.

How does the programme help boost the visibility of my company?

Companies participating to the programme will see their visibility increase as the EU Business Hub programme aims to strategically promote companies’ profiles, products and services throughout each business mission. During the business missions, companies will have the opportunity to engage with    Korean/Japanese companies who will be visiting the programme’s exhibition space. In addition, companies participating to the programme will be invited to engage in carefully tailored matchmaking activities with key local companies and will benefit from a series of other networking opportunities. The programme will also provide companies with the necessary support to ensure a valuable and fruitful exposure of their brand throughout the entire duration of the business mission.  

If my company offers a tool that empowers healthcare and artificial intelligence, does it apply to healthcare or to digital solutions business mission?

As long as an EU company is eligible to participate to the programme, the company can decide to apply to any business mission proposed by the EU Business Hub. We however recommend companies to look at the different elements that each business mission provides before applying to one of them.

All our missions are organised in parallel to a major sector-related event in each country; choosing the right mission that corresponds the most to your needs is therefore important to make sure your company targets the right audience, beyond the services we provide you in a tailored way.

How are the B2B meetings scheduled?

Based on each participating company’s strategy and after a detailed market research, the EU Business Hub team will organise individual B2B meetings between participating companies and companies from local markets. 

How does the programme help companies navigate regulatory and compliance issues in Japan and Korea?

In addition to the standard services provided by the programme, the EU Business Hub offers companies with a series of optional customised services that are co-financed by the programme, this includes legal advice that may concern e.g. certification procedures, import procedures, regulatory matters, local legislation, etc.. In addition, other such customised services can be provided including forensic information on local companies, translation, interpretation, and printing. These services are available upon request.  

How many companies will be selected for each business mission?

A maximum of 50 companies will be selected for each business mission.