Eligibility Criteria

EU SMEs and startups can apply to up to 3 business missions across both target countries, with a maximum of two missions in the same country.

Does your company comply with these general criteria?

Has your company existed for at least 5 years* and are you able to demonstrate 3 years* of financial figures?

* For Start-Ups only: Does your company exist for at least 3 years and are you able to demonstrate 2 years of financial figures?

Is your company entirely or majority EU-owned?

Does your company have its headquarters in the European Union?

Is your company active and operational in one of the economy sectors covered by the programme either as a producer, a sub-contractor, as an R&D or engineering company?*

* Business Consultants are not eligible.

Does your company have a proven track record of international business cooperation (outside the European Union)?

Does your company have a solid business strategy for entering the target markets?

Does your company have a sufficient turnover and number of people employed to successfully enter the target market?

Do you meet the general criteria?

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