The EU Business Hub supports EU businesses in the green, digital, and healthcare sectors to enter the markets of Japan and the Republic of Korea.

all three main sectors
Green and Low-Carbon Technologies
Japan Japan The Republic of Korea The Republic of Korea
From renewable energy sources, waste treatment and pollution control to sustainable products, environmental monitoring and circular economy - this business mission is focused on green and sustainable technologies.
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Clean Energy Technologies

Energy Systems

Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Equipment


Sustainability Certification and Standards

Environmental Services


Digital Solutions
Japan Japan The Republic of Korea The Republic of Korea
From semiconductor technology and advanced connectivity to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and high performance computing - this mission is centred around digital solutions (including hardware and software).
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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Internet of Things (IoT)

NextGen Computing (High Performance Computing, Cloud, Edge, and Quantum Computing)



Extended Reality (XR)


Software (including Digital Platforms, Web Design, Web Portals, App Development, Video Games)

Telecommunication Infrastructure (including 5G)

Media (Audiovisual and News Media)


Digital Health

Digital Marketing and Advertising


Trust Services, Digital Identities

Data, including Data Analytics

Healthcare and Medical Equipment
The Republic of Korea The Republic of Korea
From medical equipment, devices and assistive technologies to telemedicine, ICT for healthcare - the mission is centered around products and services in the healthcare and medical equipment sector.
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Assistive Technologies

Medical Equipment

ICT for Healthcare

Telemedicine and Remote Health Monitoring

Nanotechnology in Healthcare

AI applications in Healthcare

Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering



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