How to participate

Would you like to take part in one of the business missions?
EU Business Hub uses a competitive selection process to select the best candidates. 
EU companies and startups can participate in up to 3 business missions distributed between both target countries, with the opportunity to engage in a maximum of two missions in the same country.

A competitive selection process
 A three step process
Express your interest
  • Register, or if already registered, Login in the Member area.
  • Select a mission and fill in the Expression of Interest form and submit it by the set deadline.
  • If your company is considered eligible you will receive an email inviting you to apply for the business mission.
  • The company successfully passed step 1; the company profile is eligible for the specific business missions. You are invited to apply.
  • Login to the Member's Area.
  • Complete and submit the Application Form within the set deadline.
  • The applications are assessed by independent experts using pre-defined criteria. The assessment considers the company’s business strategy, viability, and capacity, as well as market potential.
  • The 50 companies that show the highest potential for establishing business collaboration in the target market are selected.
  • Waitlisted companies have a chance to join the mission if one of the selected participants drops out before the cancelation deadline.
  • EU companies who did not make it to join a business mission can apply for other upcoming missions. Discuss with your coach on how to improve your chances to be selected.